sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009

Internacional: Los jóvenes del Partido Comunista de la Federación Rusa nos felicitan por el día de la Revolución Rusa

Dear Comrades!Siberian communist activists congratulate you on the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!92 years ago happened a historic event of great importance. On 7 November 1917 occured the first victorious socialist revolution. It has pushed forward the international labor movement. It has accelerated the progress of revolutionary and liberation struggle. It has shown the world a way to the socialist future of other countries and nations.

On the anniversary of that glorious day, we wish you every success in achieving a splendid triumph of communist ideas in the whole world!

With communist greetings,

the young of CPRF (Zheleznodorozhnyj Rajkom, Novosibirsk).